Agency Goals

 Goal 1:  Achieve Excellence in Property Management and Maintenance and Achieve High Performer status
                                1)             Maintain vacancy rate no greater than 4%
                                2)             Increase MTCS reporting rates and maintain @ 95% or better
                                3)             Increase the number of 504/ADA compliant units at family sites
                                4)             Conduct quality control of tenant files quarterly
                                5)             Continue updating ACOP as needed

Goal 2:  Achieve Excellence in the Management of the Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly Section 8) 
                                1)             Maximize lease up by utilizing project based vouchers           
                                2)             Increase the number of landlord seminars to one per quarter
                                3)             Develop new landlord orientation program
                                4)             Conduct quality control of tenant files quarterly
                                5)             Continue updating Admin Plan as needed 

Goal 3:  Maximize Relationships and Initiatives to Deliver Sound and Effective Services
                                1)             Engaging other institutions and funding sources to leverage resources
                                2)             Assist in promoting economic enhancement and supportive services
                                                for residents
                                3)             Collaborate with CJAB partners to create a “safe house” for MH
                                4)             Collaborate with community partners to create an emergency shelter
                                5)             Continue to seek avenues to develop new housing options 

Goal 4:  Improve Program Compliance, Reporting, Performance, and Accountability
                                1)             Continue with monthly in-house training
                                2)             Continue participation with and rotate team members through industry                                                   conferences and training opportunities
                                3)             Implement a Cross Training program 

Goal 5:  Maximize the Use of Technology to Improve the Efficiency and Accountability, Productivity and Cost Effectiveness of Operations
                                1)             Upgrade housing specific software and hardware
                                2)             Install new server and WiFi
                                3)             Create “paperless” system
                                4)             Create agency website
                                5)             Implement use of handheld devices for maintenance team