We are so very excited to present this web site to you.  It is our desire for you to use this site to learn about living in, working for, or just becoming more knowledgeable about the Housing Authority of the County of Warren.  We are committed to providing the community with current information on what we are doing to make our developments  a better place for all to live and work.

     The idea for this Housing Authority was conceived on a vacation.  Dr. Carl E. Whipple, a long-time Warren County educator, was visiting his son in California.  While there, he saw what looked like a nice place to rent an apartment for his stay, a seven story building overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  But he was turned away.  He was not eligible.  What had looked to him like a nice place to stay was an apartment building for the elderly, one of many built with money from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Dr. Whipple asked plenty of questions and brought what he learned back to Warren County where he enlisted the support of the Warren County Commissioners to start a similar project here. 

     Voila! the Housing Authority of the County of Warren was born.  Forty five years later, we continue to provide stable and effective leadership, compassion, and dedication to what we do and who we serve.  We endeavor to hone our expertise in the area of affordable and subsidized housing.

     This site represents the next step in our journey and provides a fresh new perspective of the Authority and its mission.  It is our goal to make your experience on this site as informative as possible.  Here you can find information about Low Income Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher Program’s eligibility, application, rules, and regulations.  You will also find the agency’s mission and goals.

     The Housing Authority team invites you to explore our website to learn about our programs.  We look forward to hearing from you about the site and how we’re doing.

With best regards,

Tonya L. Mitchell-Weston